3 Subject Lines That Never Fail and The Process to Get You There

March 29, 2022
Business Development

f there’s one thing about emails, it’s that people do judge them by their subject lines. Yes, you have to write engaging content that provides value and all that good stuff, but it’s important to craft subject lines that are engaging enough to get people to open your email. Luckily for you, we’ve developed our own process for writing engaging subject lines. Here is how you can write your own along with three subject lines that have had success for us.  

Whether we are looking for new clients or emailing prospects on our behalf of them, here is how we approach our subject lines to drive engagement and set a meeting:

Keep The Lines Short

If your subject line is too long, there’s a chance that it won’t be seen. In most cases people are looking on their mobile devices, skipping emails that aren’t engaging. When writing a subject line it’s best to keep it as short as you can. Try to keep it between five to seven words at max. In some cases using just a word or two can stand out and gain engagement. But the point is your prospects are receiving emails at a high rate and are looking to get through their inbox as quickly as possible.

Get To The Point

In our line of work, sometimes it helps to be straightforward. So we like to have our subject lines get straight to the point. As mentioned above, most people are looking through their inboxes quickly. When you are straightforward with your subject line, it provides an opportunity to cut through the noise & give a preview of what your client's product or service is.

Use Buzz Words

As an outsourced SDR team, we offer up our services across many different industries. As an extension of our client's team, it’s important that we know how to speak their language. Buzz words are used to help trigger your prospect to open up your email. Although it’s only a word or two, using buzz words or phrases shows your target that you have a sense of their industry and could be looking to provide value. For example, let’s say our client's service is an influencer marketing platform, helping brands drive conversions via influencer marketing. For most companies, driving conversions is important. Forming a subject line like “Drive conversions for [company]” shows that we are getting to the point and using buzz words to show we understand their needs and speak their language.

As an outsourced SDR agency, it’s important for us to test subject lines to see what works. How do you think we were able to get 7 figures in the pipeline month over month. It all started with our approach to our emails, beginning with the subject lines.  Here are three subject lines that can’t fail and I’ll tell you why.

“Appropriate Person”

The “appropriate person” subject line is one that we’ve seen a lot of success with. We use this subject line when we are reaching out in hopes to find the appropriate person to talk to about a specific task or pain. In these emails, the call to action is “Are you the person to speak to about this?” If the email is well written and provides enough value, your first target will forward the message to the decision-maker or will give you their contact for you to reach out to them yourself.  

“[Specific Task] for [Company Name]”

Using the tasks that your prospective target is looking to get help with has worked well for us. We understand the day-to-day task that our client’s prospect deals with. By determining the specific task in the subject line, our readers know that we will be talking to them about the value we can provide surrounding that task. For example, if I’m reaching out on behalf of an influencer marketing company, we’d use the subject line “Influencer marketing for [company name]”.

[Paint Point] [company name]

When we are reaching out to our prospects, we don’t ever look at it as just selling a product or service. We want our prospects to understand that we are reaching out to them to solve a pain that they’ve been having. By stating a pain point within the subject line, you’ve alerted the reader that you have a sense of what they might be dealing with and there’s a chance you might offer a solution to those problems. For the sake of the example mentioned above, using the subject line could read “Increase conversions via Influencers”. This example is addressing the issues of converting opportunities to customers through influencer marketing. By saying increase conversions via influencers the reader knows we are going to provide them with a solution that can potentially help them increase their conversions.

Key Outreach combines engaging subject lines with messages that are personally crafted for each prospect. Use the tips above to draw inspiration from when you are writing your email content. Clients continue to outsource SDR tasks to us because we know how to reach decision-makers and know what triggers them to take a meeting. If you are looking to outsource to an SDR agency, take a look at how we set 400 meetings across our clients in 30 business days.

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