Benefits of Outsourcing an SDR Company

November 16, 2021
Business Development

The SDR’s role has become a pivotal piece in the way sales organizations today sell today. Sales development representatives are the first line of communication between your company and a prospect. They consistently provide you with new opportunities and allow your sales team to focus on closing deals. However, the SDR position can be a very stressful job. Statistics show that the SDR role tends to work 1.5 years in the role before they search for something new. to only stay 1.5 years. Studies show companies deal with a 39% turnover rate. Outsourcing to an SDR company has proven to be just as beneficial as an internal team. If you are looking to outsource to a top SDR company, here are some reasons why you should consider.  

1. Outsourcing can be It’s cost-effective

Creating an in-house team requires a huge investment. During this process, you will have to hire people and train them. Your company will also be charged with paying for their taxes and providing salaries and health care. While for some companies having an internal SDR team can be a huge benefit long term. But if you are a company that doesn’t have the resources to hire internally, outsourcing can be far more cost-effective for you. By outsourcing, you can pay an SDR company per lead or put them on retainer. You’ll be able to focus more on your sales efforts as opposed to hiring and looking for the best candidates to establish your internal SDR team. This great solution for teams looking to boost their sales, or smaller companies who lack the resources.

2. Faster Results

Creating your SDR team from scratch can be expensive because it’s a lot slower to set up. Newly hired SDRs might need a learning curve to learn your business. It could be some time before they can start generating ROI for your company. SDR companies are composed of experienced individuals who have years of sales experience under their belt. In most cases, SDR companies have a huge database of contacts to reach out to. They also have a huge network of clients they’ve worked with and could connect your company with them to see if there’s an opportunity. Although each company or product is sold differently, for experienced SDRs, it’s simply a matter of tweaking their strategy for prospective clients. Yes, hiring an outsourced SDR team can take time. There will still be a process where you have to vet several companies to make sure they align with your needs. In the end, you’ll have an experienced team who will be able to hit the ground running once you get started.

3. Sales Teams Can Focus on Other Tasks

Closing a deal is the goal for every sales rep. Managers are always trying to make sure their team is focused on closing. If you aren’t working with an SDR your day-to-day consists of It can be very difficult trying to nurture your leads so that they close, while maintaining outreach to new prospects and building your pipeline. By outsourcing your SDR team, you’ll be able to focus on closing deals. It will also give you time you and your team to work on strategic initiatives that you’d like to implement. SDR’s will take over the heavy lifting, allowing your team to put more energy towards putting points on the board.

4. Target new and/or underserved markets

Top SDR companies will provide you with prospects within your target market. They also can give you insight into new marketings that you might be overlooking. If you provide a detailed ICP and give examples of how you communicate with your customers, a Top SDR company can implement your strategy seamlessly. In some cases, some companies have a sales list of clients they are looking to target for the year. This list is composed of brands or products that are an ideal fit for the company. These targets tend to be in markets they’ve already seen success in. By outsourcing an SDR team, you’ll be able to have a team penetrate new markets and grow your business as a whole. Sales can be fast-paced and there will be situations where you don’t have enough time to explore new business opportunities. By outsourcing your SDR company you can venture into uncharted territory and maximize your return on investment with an experienced team.

Outsourcing to an SDR company can be just as effective as hiring an internal team. It starts with understanding what your needs are and where your SDR partners can fit in to support.  After some vetting and contract negotiations, you will be able to have access to a team of experienced SDRs who are hungry and looking to set their clients up for success. You’ll be able to focus on closing business and maximizing your return on investment working with an SDR company.

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