Outsourced by SaaS companies across the globe, our trusted sales development representatives can help you close 1-3 deals every month. 

Types of Software Companies we generate leads for

Ad Ops
AP Automation
Fin Tech
HR Tech
Retail Media
Social Media

Without Key Outreach

With Key Outreach

  • Hire & train an in-house SDR team
  • Spend thousands on a tech-stack.
  • Continuously find new people to talk to.
  • Poor data, unqualified meetings.
  • Lack of resources & experience.
  • Scale revenue predictably.
  • Continuous lead flow.
  • Gain back valuable time.
  • Prospecting done for you.
  • Reliable, scalable SDR team.

Case Studies

Industry: Technology

Citrus Ad

“They’ve been great for us for new business outreach. We’ve actually just contracted more of their services for other areas of our business too… we would recommend them for sure.”

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Industry: Influencer Marketing

Tagger Media

“The team at Key Outreach is outstanding. They allowed our sales team to actually focus on selling and not the tireless task of trying to find the right prospects and secure meetings. This partnership allowed us to redirect internal resources as they have delivered outstanding ROI.”

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Industry: Agency

NPRP Media

“You helped elevate my role as a new hire by allowing me to solely focus on taking meetings and eliminating the tireless task of prospecting”

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