Best Practices for Finding the Right Email Cadence in Your Email Marketing Campaign

June 18, 2023
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Best Practices for Finding the Right Email Cadence in Your Email Marketing Campaign

In 4 simple steps, you can create a flawless email cadence that generates responses.

Discovering the perfect email cadence for your email campaign is crucial for the success of your email marketing campaign. By following a 4-step process, you can develop a flawless email cadence that generates responses and engages your audience effectively.

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Introduction (First Email)

When initiating contact with prospects, it's akin to speed dating. You have a limited window of 5 seconds to capture their attention and leave a lasting impression. Similar to speed dating, another person is waiting to make an impact once your time is up. In the prospecting cycle, the first email plays a critical role, demanding concise and impactful communication within a short timeframe. As outbound sales development gains traction, breaking through to cold accounts becomes increasingly challenging. Therefore, the ability to articulate a compelling business case and inspire action with just a few words is a must. Let's break down our first email using the following steps.


During introductions, keep it concise and engaging. Avoid delving into your life story; focus on who you are and your outreach location. Infusing personality into your introductions can be advantageous.

Value Proposition

The body paragraph of your email is dedicated to the value proposition. Within a few sentences, outline your services and highlight the clients you have successfully assisted, employing industry buzzwords that resonate with your audience.

Call to Action

Conclude your email with a clear call to action. Invite your prospects to connect and learn more about your services. Always conclude your email with a call to action, leaving the response in the hands of the prospects. As a skilled salesperson, you will follow up to reiterate your invitation.

Follow-up (Second Email)

Following up is pivotal for progressing leads through the sales funnel. A quick touch base, often in the form of a "bump" email, serves as a gentle reminder. Consider using threaded emails, responding directly to the first email to ensure visibility in their inbox. This reminds your prospects of your continued interest in connecting.

Re-introduction (Third Email)

The third email focuses on re-introducing yourself. Remember that your prospects receive numerous emails like you and sift through their inbox regularly. This email serves as a reminder of your presence and purpose. Additionally, consider incorporating the following elements to add value:

  • A compelling case study
  • A high-level deck showcasing your capabilities
  • Success statistics of clients who have benefited from your services
  • A blog post that resonates with your prospect's interests

Since the initial two emails did not elicit the desired engagement, it's essential to captivate your prospects with valuable content. Don't forget to include a call to action, asking if they would be interested in connecting for a call or watching a demo of your services.

Farewell and Final Attempts (4th Email)

The fourth email serves as a "break-up" email. After reaching out three times, it's crucial not to appear overzealous or pushy. If you cease contact after the fourth email, you can always reconnect and refer back to your previous emails after a month.

Before diving into your value proposition, inform your prospects about your previous attempts to reach out. Emphasize that your outreach was motivated by the value your offering brings to their business. If you possess any unused case studies, this is the ideal opportunity to showcase them. Conclude the email with a final call to action, indicating that this will be your last attempt to reach out (for now).

Outsource Your Emailing to Key Outreach

Developing a successful email cadence in your email marketing campaign requires trial and error. It's unrealistic to expect perfection every time. Even with a successful cadence, you must continuously adapt and explore new ways of reaching your prospects. Our team at Key Outreach can assist you in outsourcing your email marketing efforts. With our expertise, we have scheduled 400 meetings in just 30 business days for our clients. Testing new cadences, identifying what works best, and building upon those insights are key to scaling your sales pipeline.

Remember, finding the optimal email cadence for your specific business requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. Through thoughtful testing and analysis, you can uncover the cadence that resonates most with your audience, drives engagement, and achieves your marketing goals.

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