How We Set 400 Meetings in 30 Business Days

March 9, 2022
Business Development

As an SDR company, Key Outreach specializes in accelerating the sales pipeline for various brands and agencies. Just like any process, our sales program took countless hours of testing emails and evaluating what works. After countless changes, we've developed an outbound sales prospecting program that has given us consistent success. The results? 400 meetings in 30 business days across all of our clients. Here’s the process we use to get us there!

Broke Down The Client’s Product or Service

In order to set up quality meetings for our clients, we first focus on understanding their products or services. We conduct research on our clients beforehand, so we have an idea of what they do. We focus on learning every detail of our client’s product. Since we’re speaking on our client's behalf through outreach, we want to make sure to use the right dialogue and highlight their value.  

Define Their Ideal Customer

We have our clients detail who their customers are. We have them create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to hone in the types of customers they want to work with. It’s important to know who is the ideal prospect to sell to. Here are some important components of the ICP:


Identifying the industries where our client has seen success allows us to qualify the best prospects. We look at the industries our clients have seen success in and use it as a starting point. With our experienced reps, we look for opportunities in untapped industries that our clients might have overlooked. We find that penetrating untapped markets helps scale the sales funnel exponentially.

Company Size and Revenue

We look heavily into what size of companies we reach out to. Whether it’s a fortune 500 company or a small startup, we look at headcount and revenue to determine if they’d be a right fit for our clients. While it’s important to set quality meetings, it’s just as important to make sure your prospects can afford our client’s services. We focus on growing a pipeline for our clients but ultimately, want to set them up with opportunities to close deals.  

Job Titles and Decision Makers

We focus on job titles to determine the best people to reach out to at prospective companies. To save time for us and our clients, we work to find the best contact to reach out to. Setting up meetings with decision-makers allows us to move the conversation down the sales funnel for our clients and focus on the next targets.

How Did We Send Emails?

We use a 4-step email campaign to get our clients in front of new prospects, reaching out as our prospective client. When doing cold outreach, we recommend reaching out from a senior level (i.e. VP, Director, CEO)to leverage existing thought leadership on social outlets. We find that doing this makes it more likely for the cold prospect to take a call with us, especially when reaching out to other senior reps. CEOs or senior-level individuals are notorious for being busy, so when a prospect sees an email from these individuals, it’s viewed as if they have something valuable to offer if they are taking time from their busy schedule to connect.

Our Results

In conclusion, our prospecting process changed the structure of our outbound sales from a network referral-type operation to a targeted hunting process. From a high-level perspective, it helped us achieve 400 meetings in 30 business days.

Key Outreach identifies decision-makers at top brands and engages with them through highly targeted content, increasing the opportunities in your sales funnel. If you’re looking to outsource your sales development efforts please contact us today.

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