5 Tips to Improve Sales Performance: Check Out These Strategies to Improve Sales Performance and Increase Sales

June 11, 2023
Business Development

Regardless of the industry you’re selling in or what you may be selling, the need for more sales will always be there. The traditional ways of selling are evolving year after year, with major shifts and changes happening that can always affect sales performance.

As we gear up for Q3 and the start of summer, it’s important to take a look at how you and your team are performing against achieving your goals. Chances are you might need to change your strategy to achieve them. If you want to improve your team's sales performance, here are 5 tips to get you started.

Tips to improve sales performance

‍Strategies To Improve Sales Performance

Here are the top five strategies you can use to increase your sales performance.

1. Re-evaluate your sales strategy and business goals.

The first step to improving your team’s sales performance is looking at your current work. Re-evaluate your business strategy and how you and your team have been performing. Sometimes you need to step back and determine if you’ve set the right goals or need to make a change. Here are some questions you should think about asking yourself:

  • Are your business goals the same as it was before your re-evaluation, or have some things changed since the last time you evaluated them?
  • Are we reaching out to the right people? What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Did we list our price point as too high? Too low?
  • Are we prospecting through the right channels?

Use these types of questions as a guide to help you identify where you need to improve your sales strategy. It’s important for sales managers and their teams to be on the same page to ensure maximum success in generating leads and revenue.

2. Create specific action

Now that your new sales strategy is in place, outline your objectives and determine what it will take to reach your goals. You should ask yourself these questions so that you are holding yourself accountable:

  • How many emails must I send a day/month/quarter to secure a new lead?
  • How many steps will it take in your email cadence to get a response from a prospect?
  • How many touchpoints will it take to close a deal?

Develop a plan to track your actions, goals, and results of each. It will be a great way to monitor your progress and see if there are areas you need to pay more attention to. Tracking is also a great way to learn from your successes and failures to make sure.  

3. Check Team Morale

Sales is a long grind and can be tough. As salespeople, we send a large number of emails month after month. Some prospects will be interested in connecting with you. Others will say it’s not the right time or they aren’t interested. It’s important to see how your clients are dealing with things. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • How are things going?  
  • Is there anything that I can help you with to hit your goal?  
  • How many steps in communication will it take to close a deal?

And despite these factors, salespeople always find a way to push forward and think of different ways to engage with their clients. Create a team environment so that sellers can lean on each other when they need help. Checking in with each other creates an open line of communication among team members. More importantly, your team will feel more comfortable with each other and more open to asking for help when needed.

4. Provide Value on Every Sell

With every email you send or call you to take, ensure you provide value on each engagement. Understand the needs of your target and identify why your solution is how you can solve them. Thinking about how you will address their pains through conversations is important. You want your potential clients to know that you trying to solve their problems and not just get a deal to bring in revenue. This leads to fruitful partnerships with clients and long-term deals for the foreseeable future.

5. Maximize your time by maximizing your data

If you have access to previous data, start leveraging it for insights. Dive in and see where you are allocating your time, which areas need more focus, and where you should maximize your efforts. For example, if your data shows are spending more time looking for prospects and closing deals less, they might want to outsource SDR needs to allow their team to focus on closing deals. Invest in a sales CRM to see how your strategy works if you want to maximize your data. There are many CRMs to choose from, so use the ones that have the capabilities you want and are most affordable for your business. Data at your fingertips will help elevate your team and your business. Use these data and insights to develop new strategies to accelerate sales performance.

How To Efficiently Track Your Team Sales Performance

Efficient tracking of your team's sales performance is crucial to improve sales performance and increase sales. A well-structured sales plan, combined with the right sales strategies, can significantly boost your team's performance and, consequently, your sales revenue. Here are some proven strategies to help you achieve this.

Measure Sales Performance: Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential in tracking a sales rep's performance. Sales productivity metrics such as the number of sales, sales revenue, and the effectiveness of your sales process can provide valuable insights into your team's performance. Regularly reviewing these KPIs allows for early identification and rectification of sales productivity issues.

Sales Training and Coaching: Effective sales leaders understand the importance of continuous sales training and coaching. Sales coaching, particularly early in the sales process, can significantly improve a sales rep's performance. Investing in a robust sales training program and employing a sales enablement platform can equip your sales team with the necessary skills to reach their sales goals.

Sales Enablement: A high-performing sales team often benefits from a well-structured sales enablement operation. This includes providing sales content that supports the sales process, using modern sales enablement tools, and regularly rethinking your sales strategies to better align with market trends and customer needs.

Sales Activities Analysis: Another way to improve sales performance is to analyze your sales rep activities. Understanding what makes a sales team successful and identifying the behaviours that lead to lost sales can help you refine your sales efforts and increase your sales.

In conclusion, improving your team's sales performance is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a consistent focus on sales training, measurement, enablement, and analysis. Implementing these strategies can improve your sales performance and set your team up for continued success.

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Final Thoughts On Tips to Improve Sales Performance and Measure Sales With Your Sales Team

How you sell to prospects will continue to change year after year. That’s why tracking your sales performance and finding improvement areas is important. There is always room for improvement and getting better. Every year your company will need more revenue and will look to grow and exceed expectations. That’s why Key Outreach works to help companies grow year after year by generating more leads through their pipeline.

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