Outsourced Sales Management: Why An Outsourced Sales Manager And Team Is Right For You

July 25, 2023
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Are you a growing business looking to enhance your sales department?

Have you considered the benefits of outsourced sales management?

This article explores why outsourcing your sales manager and team may be the right solution for your organization.

Why Should Your Sales Team and Sales Manager Be Outsourced?

Outsourced sales management offers a range of advantages when it comes to achieving revenue growth and improving sales performance. By outsourcing this function, businesses can focus on their core competencies while benefiting from experienced sales leaders and a network of professionals.

Businesses can develop targeted improvement plans with clear goals through this evaluation process. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing, the importance of evaluating and improving sales strategies, and key statistics and facts surrounding outsourced sales management.

Join us as we explore how an outsourced sales manager and team can contribute to the growth and success of your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Outsourced Sales Management can provide benefits, such as increased revenue and profitability, streamlined sales operations, and improved sales performance.
  • Outsourced Sales Management allows businesses to focus on strengths, saves time and resources, and provides access to experienced sales leaders and a network of sales professionals.
  • Sales evaluation and improvement are important aspects of outsourced sales management, with the need to identify opportunities for improvement and develop specific plans with clear goals.

Benefits of Outsourcing

First, let's dive into the benefits of outsourcing sales operations to a professional manager and company.


Outsourced sales management offers a cost-effective solution for businesses with limited resources, providing expertise in developing sales strategies, plans, processes, and teams; ironically, by outsourcing this function, businesses can effectively tap into a wealth of experienced professionals without needing a full-time sales manager.

More Knowledge

Outsourcing sales management allows businesses to benefit from the knowledge and skills of an outsourced sales manager and team. These professionals have extensive experience in managing sales operations and can bring valuable insights and best practices to the table. They have the necessary tools and resources to streamline sales operations, improve performance, and drive revenue growth.


By outsourcing sales management, businesses can access specialized expertise without incurring the costs associated with hiring additional staff or investing in training programs. This enables them to focus on their core competencies while still benefiting from effective sales strategies and processes.

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Outsourced Sales Management As a Growth Strategy

Outsourced sales management refers to the process of hiring one or several people to manage sales in the company. It's your goal to sell. Outsourced services can help keep salespeople up to the latest trends in the business and stay up to date with competitors.

Outsourcing management is the extension of your business. It handles everything from generating new leads to discovering new growth opportunities. Having sales reps in-house to support your marketing efforts is also possible. Outsourced experts guide companies through market strategies and campaigns which produce huge profits.

How Does It Work?

Think about the bookkeeper coming in, taking on his duties, and then leaving for the next time. It helps you with your accounting. Outsourcing sales management is just as effective as outsourcing sales processes. No full-time job is needed, but qualified people are responsible for the work for you.

Outsourced sales managers collaborate with sales colleagues in the office. Outsourced sales managers can help you full-time with the support you require based on your current needs. We work with top leadership in coordination. Our solution provides complete sales enablement capabilities.

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Sales Evaluation and Improvement

The process of evaluating and improving sales performance is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their revenue potential and achieve sustainable growth.

By conducting a thorough sales evaluation, businesses can identify areas of improvement and develop a specific plan with clear goals. This evaluation should be based on best practices for sales success, taking into account factors such as the sales strategy, experienced sales manager, sales process, and overall sales operations.

To emphasize the importance of this process:

  • Identifying areas of improvement allows businesses to optimize their sales strategy.
  • Working with an experienced sales manager provides valuable insights and guidance.
  • Streamlining the sales process improves efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Focusing on revenue growth ensures long-term success.

Businesses can enhance their overall operations and drive significant revenue growth by prioritizing, evaluating, and improving their sales performance.

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Key Statistics and Facts

Key statistics and facts reveal important insights about the current state of sales performance and strategies. If you want sustainable sales success, use these figures that provide valuable business information and consider outsourced sales management.

  • For instance, only 33% of inside sales rep time is spent actively selling, highlighting the need to optimize sales processes.
  • Additionally, 37% of high-growth companies rely on inside sales as their primary strategy, indicating its effectiveness in driving revenue.
  • Another key statistic shows that outside sales calls cost significantly more than inside sales calls at $308 versus $50, respectively, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing.
  • Moreover, it is crucial to note that face-to-face or field sales teams make up a significant portion (71.2%) of the overall sales force.

These data points underscore the importance of outsourced sales managers in optimizing the performance and results of a sales organization. Outsourced sales management works by leveraging effective strategies and maximizing the potential of their sales force and reps.

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Components of Outsourced Sales

Outsourced sales management has many critical components that improve productivity and sales.

Components of outsourced sales involve

  • Developing a comprehensive sales strategy
  • Recruiting and training a high-performing sales force
  • Executing a well-defined sales plan
  • Analyzing sales performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Building effective compensation plans to incentivize the team
  • Implementing coaching and training programs to hold the team accountable
  • Utilizing a CRM system for efficient tracking and management of customer relationships

An outsourced sales manager plays a crucial role in overseeing these components. They work closely with the company's executives to develop tailored sales strategies that align with organizational goals. They are responsible for creating effective processes and systems that streamline sales operations.


Additionally, an outsourced sales manager ensures the successful execution of the sales plan by coordinating sales meetings, providing guidance and support to the sales team, and monitoring performance metrics.

An outsourced sales manager brings expertise in developing and implementing successful sales strategies while ensuring efficient management of the entire sales process.

Key Outreach can help with outsourced sales management

Key Outreach as Provider

Key Outreach, a leading provider of outsourced sales management solutions, offers highly experienced sales management consultants who serve as Outsourced VPs of Sales and provide customized plans to address the unique needs of businesses.

With their expertise in sales management, these consultants can guide businesses toward sales success and revenue growth. By outsourcing their sales management needs to Key Outreach, businesses can benefit from the knowledge and experience of these professionals without the cost and commitment of hiring a full-time sales manager.

Customizes Plans

The customized plans developed by Key Outreach's consultants focus on developing effective sales strategies, plans, processes, and teams. They also assist with recruiting, training, and managing the sales force to ensure significant revenue growth for the business.

Key Outreach provides a sustainable solution for businesses seeking sales success through outsourced managers. Click here to start working with Key Outreach today and get 1-3 monthly EXTRA leads.


In conclusion, outsourced sales management offers numerous benefits for growing businesses. By outsourcing their sales department, companies can increase revenue and profitability while streamlining operations and improving performance.

It is crucial for companies to evaluate and improve their sales efforts to identify areas of improvement and set clear goals. With outsourced sales management, businesses can tap into expertise, scale their sales efforts, and achieve remarkable results that will impact their success.

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