4 Sales Trends for Hitting Targets, Sales Goals, and Closing Deals in 2023 (With Sales Statistics)

June 21, 2023
Business Development

The past few years haven’t just affected how and where sales teams work, but they’ve also affected how prospects behave. New trends have influenced your prospects and changed their preferences when agreeing to a deal.

sales trends for hitting targets and closing deals

Here are 4 trends that you should follow when selling in 2023 that will help you communicate and close deals effectively.

1. Sales Statistics Say Adopt a Hybrid or Fully Remote Sales Model

The majority of 2021 sent sales teams into peril. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the sales team to quickly move their in-office efforts online. In the last year, investing in remote work has paid off for sales leaders.

In HubSpot’s 2021 Sales Enablement Report, 64% who transitioned into remote sales could meet or exceed their revenue targets. 50% of sellers didn’t. Remote sales reps can perform more effectively if they have the right structure in place.

For example, scheduling meetings online allows sellers to find an empty slot in the rep’s calendar, cutting down on the phone calls and follow-up emails that they would typically do if they were working in an office. Without a face-to-face focus, they can often act more time efficiently and also sell on a global scale.

2. Research More on Your Customer and Send Them Personalized Messages For Sales Success

If you want to approach sales the right way in 2023, you need to start personalizing your messaging and looking to understand your customer. Sellers must understand that their target customers always receive emails for other products and services. If you want to reach them, you must understand how they behave.

According to Forbes 50 Stats Showing the Power of Personalization, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Customers are tired of receiving unsolicited messages that try to sell them a solution to a problem they don’t have.

When you are reaching out to your prospect, make sure you research your prospect's needs. Having a personalized approach will help you strengthen your messaging and follow-ups. 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. Providing more personal experience can help sales reps get replies earlier in the sales funnel.

3. Get Your Sales Team To Leverage LinkedIn and Social Selling

What if I told you that the same tactics you’d use on Instagram or Facebook to get to friends and followers could have the same effect when you are trying to prospect leads on LinkedIn?

Your Linkedin profile can offer another route to relationship building, which can be more difficult through cold emails. With LinkedIn, you can identify a lead and can like or comment on a few posts. When you do this, you are creating organic engagement. Your prospect won’t view it as you trying to sell with them, but you are engaging with someone who is in the same community as you.

LinkedIn allows professionals to network with others in their respective fields. Once you start commenting and sharing, you’ll be on the path to relationship-building that a cold email could not. Once you engage enough and feel as though a relationship has been established, it might be a good time to send them a direct message. 31% of B2B professionals say social selling has helped them build deeper client relationships. Since you’ve engaged with them socially, you can skip the small talk phase and talk more about their needs.

Social selling has another benefit – when you build up your own profile, you can make yourself more visible to prospective clients. Establish your online presence as a thought leader to appeal more to prospects! 92% of B2B buyers would engage with sales professionals who are known industry thought leaders.

4.  Learn More About Sales Technology, Sales Closing, and Sales Closing Statistics

As working remotely continues to become a popular trend, customers are now developing a preference for connecting digitally. According to gethownow.com, 41% of sales managers discovered their customers prefer to communicate digitally. From the seller's viewpoint, you might want to start looking into live chat tools like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which were really popular during the pandemic. You may also consider looking into automation tools to reduce the time spent on manual tasks. It can provide your reps with more tools to be more efficient.

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