How To Avoid the Spam Folder: 4 Ways To Avoid Emails From Going to Spam

July 6, 2023
Business Development

You craft what you think is the perfect cold email, hit send...and then wait.

And wait.

But no response comes back. Not even a crumb!

You make sure you have the correct email address, and you resend... only to have it end up in their spam folder again.

What gives?

Luckily, there are some easy ways to avoid getting your cold emails caught in spam so that you can actually start getting responses (and maybe even meeting those quotas).

how to avoid the spam folder

1) Write a Catchy Subject Line To Avoid a Spam Filter

You only have a split second to make a first impression, and in the case of email, that first impression is your subject line. Make sure it's clear, concise, and to the point. And whatever you do, don't use all caps or too many exclamation points!!! That will definitely land you in spam.

Some good examples of great subject lines are "Quick question about your recent blog post" or "Are you free for a quick call tomorrow?" These questions pique curiosity and make the recipient want to open the email to find out more.

2) Keep It Short and Sweet To Avoid the Spam Folder

Nobody wants to read an essay from a stranger, so get to the point quickly. Start with a brief introduction (1-2 sentences max), followed by 1-2 simple questions. The goal here is not to start a full-blown conversation, but to get your foot in the door so you can continue the conversation later. Try including some background information about yourself or your company until after you've established rapport.

3) Use Personalization Tokens To Keep Your Emails In the Inbox

Personalization tokens are pieces of information that you can insert into an email template (e.g., First Name, Company Name, City, etc.) that will automatically populate with the relevant information when you send it out.

For example, if I were sending an email to Jon Snow at Castle Black, my email would start with "Hi Jon," followed by any other relevant information I might want to share with him.

This slight gesture goes a long way to make recipients feel like they're more than just another name on your list.

4) Include a CTA To Avoid Going To Spam

Always include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your email so that recipients know what the next step is supposed to be. A CTA could be something as simple as asking for a reply within 24 hours or setting up a meeting for next week. By including a CTA, you're more likely to actually get a response back from recipients because you're giving them a specific thing to do next rather than just letting them off the hook by saying, "Let me know if there's anything I can do."

Key Outreach Can Help Your Business Avoid the Spam Folder

Crafting effective cold emails doesn't have to be complicated. Following best practices and exercising common sense can dramatically improve your email deliverability and avoid the dreaded spam folder. Steering clear of these five traps will significantly increase the chances of your emails landing in the inbox rather than getting lost in the abyss of spam filters. However, outsourcing your sales development needs to Key Outreach can be a game-changer if you're looking to scale your outreach efforts and ensure your emails consistently reach their intended recipients.

With our expertise in email marketing and lead generation, we help you navigate the intricacies of email deliverability, ensuring your messages stay clear of spam filters and reach the intended recipients. Our proven strategies and careful attention to email content, subject lines, and sender reputation guarantee optimal deliverability rates. As a result, you can increase open rates, avoid spam complaints, and achieve the highest level of engagement for your email marketing campaigns.

Don't let your valuable messages end up in the junk folder. Trust Key Outreach to safeguard your emails and keep them out of the spam folder. Contact us today to supercharge your email deliverability and maximize the impact of your marketing emails. Together, we'll ensure your messages reach the inbox where they belong.

Crafting great cold emails doesn't have to be rocket science—it's all about common sense and following best practices. Just by avoiding these five traps, you'll dramatically improve your chances of landing in inboxes instead of spam folders! If you’re looking to scale your outreach efforts and avoid the spam folder altogether, it could be helpful to outsource your sales development needs.  

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