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March 16, 2022
Business Development

As a high-growth startup, a Saas company was having challenges scaling its outreach efforts. Like many start-ups, their co-founders were wearing many hats and their sales reps were forced to do their own prospecting. This was taking away from the valuable time that could have been spent cultivating relationships & closing deals. In hopes to improve their pipeline, they thought outsourcing to an experienced SDR team could help improve their lead generation efforts. They reached out to Key Outreach in hopes that we could develop a sales prospecting program that could fill their sales funnel consistently. They came to the right place. We developed a program for them that lead to a 7 figure pipeline month over month. Here’s our process behind the magic.

We Should Know What Our Clients Know

Before we set up meetings for our clients, we first always try to get an understanding of what our client selling points are and who are the best people to reach out to. Although we are an outsourced SDR team, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients. We get a lay of the land first, understanding the space our client works in and getting an idea of who their competitors are, and how they are different. We try our best to know as much as we can about the company as if we’ve been working there for years. By learning what our client knows, we are not only able to learn their product offering but, we can use the right dialogue and buzzwords that are used among industry experts.

Target Industries That Make Sense

After we get a rundown of our client's strengths and capabilities, we start thinking about what industries we should target. As an outsourced SDR team, we’ve worked with clients across just about every industry, especially the SaaS space. For this SaaS company, we thought that both B2C and B2B companies were the ideal types of companies to work with. 80% of companies today use about one SaaS application, so we had a huge group to pull from. Identifying the industries in which your clients will have the most success will allow you to qualify the best products. As an outsourced SDR team, we have reps with different levels of experience working in various different agencies. We thought this SaaS company would do well securing deals in the advertising, cosmetic, retail, CPG, and tech industries.  

Find The Decision Makers

In order to be efficient and set our team up for success, we aim to set up meetings with decision-makers at prospective companies. Reaching out directly to decision-makers can save you time and resources along with many other benefits.  It’s easier to pinpoint the decision-makers at smaller companies simply because they work multiple roles at their company. For larger companies, however, it can be a bit more difficult because teams tend to have bigger teams. For this SaaS company, we found titles that included “social media” worked better than “marketing” titles. For each company we targeted, we pinpointed every employee that worked in the social media department.

If It Works, Then Double Down.

We create a 4 step email sequence highlighting the value of our client's services, success stories with similar clients, and accolades that the SaaS company has achieved through their work. Our email cadences are structured to provide our clients value in a simple way. If there’s one thing we know about sales, it is that you have to test your content to see what works. We’ve tested subject lines, using information from case studies we were provided and tested different ways to get across our client's value. Based on our open and close rates, we were able to make improvements to our messaging and developed the best email sequence for our program.  Prospecting is all about numbers, so when we found the winning sequence, we doubled down on volume… the more quality prospects we reached out to, the more quality meetings we set.

The Results

We developed a successful prospecting program for a SaaS company, guiding prospects through the sales funnel. By identifying decision-makers at top brands and engaging with them through highly targeted content, their sales team is able to focus on the sales meetings and turn prospects into closed deals. Since working with us, our success has helped them achieve:

  • Secured Series A & B Funding
  • 7 Figure deals in the pipeline month over month, deals ranging 40K annually
  • Scaled services to assist sales reps globally in the USA, Latin America & Canada

The CRO of the SaaS company quoted “The team at Key outreach is outstanding. They allowed our sales time to actually focus on selling and not the tireless task of trying to find the right prospects and secure meetings. This partnership allowed us to redirect internal resources as they have delivered outstanding ROI”. The partnership continues to flourish today as we have scaled globally.

Looking to increase the opportunities in your sales funnel?  Key Outreach can help! Contact us here to learn more about our services. We recently set up 400 meetings in the 30 business days across our clients.  

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