Industry: Agency / eCommerce
"What sets Key Outreach different from other vendors is their attention to detail when it comes finding the right prospect to talk to. They understand our market, and have the right tools in place to produce high quality meetings week over week."

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Company Overview

PeakActivity is a digital strategy and implementation company, partnering with businesses to accelerate growth through eCommerce,Digital Marketing, and Technology solutions.

The Challenge

Peak Activity current resources lacked the bandwidth to generate consistent leads. They tried out souricing to similar companies and failed, resulting in wasted time and wasted spend.

The Key Outreach Solution

Key Outreach developed an outbound sales prospecting program for Peak Activity to guide prospects through the sales funnel. The program focused on niching down to their ecommerce soluton and provide support, due to lack of resources on their end. The didn't see any success outsourcing to similar companies like Key outreach and failed. Working with Key Outreach, they were able to scale efforts within their desired target market, leading to increased revenue.

105 Meetings
6 Figures
In Revenue
Return on Investment

Opportunities delivered

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